Monthly Archives: June 2010

3rd Annual Farm Day

Mike Fahey farming in style!

For the past three years Design Phase has used the back plot of land on it’s property to plant a “Farm”.  Well I guess it depends on who you ask.  If you ask an employee that actually lives on a farm, it’s a garden. To the rest of us- it’s a farm.  We have planted corn, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, spices and of course sun flowers.

There is also a second attempt at the pumpkin growing contest this year.  Last year was kind of a bust- the largest pumpkin only grew to a measly 20 lbs.  This year all bets are off- no rules- any kind of pumpkin can be used, steroids are encouraged!  So stay tuned in October when the winner is determined.  In the mean time, check out the fun photos below!

As Ana's instructing Dan, he's thinking "Wait, isn't this supposed to be the intern's job?...lazy intern"

Tom, John and John showing off the home made mega rakes.

John and Dave proving pallet jacks work on grass too.


Mary Beth getting a gardening lesson.

Tim and Mike deciding what seeds goes where.Â

Sunday Sail

Memorial Day weekend was great for Design Phase.  Some of us came in on that Sunday to complete some LG models that needed to ship out early that week.  It wasn’t all work and no play though… after we worked up a sweat in the warehouse we made our way out to Mike’s sail boat on Lake Michigan.  It was a perfect day on the lake!  Could have used a little more wind, but we had a great time!  Check out the photos!

Bryan, Katie and Mike, right before the backwind hit and whipped us around.  Of course we blame Katie... she was driving!

Bryan, Katie and Mike on the boat. Right before the backwind whipped us around. Of course we all blamed Katie, hey- she was driving the boat at that time...

Bryan making sure we don't capsize.

Rick driving the boat- complete natural!

A little info about us…

Design Phase Inc. has long had the reputation of producing innovative and high quality displays for a variety of exciting companies. We are able to build this reputation through the experience, expertise and eclectic group of people that make up our company. This is just the start, but over the next few months you will be able to peak inside Design Phase Inc. and see who is really behind all of this creativity.

Take some time and browse our new website- we are as excited and proud of this as we are every project that is sent out our doors! The team at World Headquarters Inc. did an amazing job at opening our eyes to what can be accomplished on the web. A special thanks to Jason and his team.

Last month Design Phase Inc. exhibited at Globalshop 2010. This was the second year we showed this particular booth.  As you can see- the booth itself is a work of art! The buzz the booth was receiving was exciting, especially when we were able to tell people everything was designed, engineered and built by our team in Waukegan IL.

Come check us out at Globalshop booth 4050!