Monthly Archives: August 2010

Field Trip!

Do you remember when Mr. Rogers took you to the crayon factory?  I can still envision the yellow and orange crayons jumbling all around on some machine.  I always thought it would be so cool to see them in person, but alas I was confined to my parents living room.  Watching Mr. Rogers draw with the fresh crayons.  Lucky…

That’s exactly what I thought of when I heard we were giving a tour to a group of kids this summer. A class from the Alexander Graham Bell Montessori School came in a few days ago for a tour and a BBQ.  You could see it on their faces how amazed and excited they were to see everything.  They were taken through all of the steps a project goes through, design, engineering, model making, then production.  They were especially impressed with the finished product.  It helps that we build displays for video games and toys!  The day was finished up with a great BBQ- grilled hot dogs, juice and of course cookies, yum!

Thank you for stopping by Alexander Graham Bell- we had a blast!

PS- I’m pretty sure Mr. Rogers would have been jealous…

Thomas the Train- in Times Square!

New Thomas the Train display for Toys R Us in Times Square.


That statement is guaranteed to be heard at the Toys R Us in Times Square.  Not because you can ride an actual Ferris Wheel in the store, (I know, I know that’s more appealing to me too, but I’m not 5).  No, this will be heard coming from the new Thomas the Train display.  Kids are going nuts over this!

If the train whistle that sounds doesn’t grab your attention, it’s the life size tower that does.   Kids and their parents are drawn to the tall tower, which features two 4 foot tables with track laid out.  There is an endless supply of trains to play with.  They’ll never want to leave! Which is great, because in order to get the kids to leave, the parents will most likely purchase a train to take home.