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Bussiness Trip to China- Checking out the Brands

Traveling to another part of the world when you work with consumer product company can be exciting.  It’s so fun to see how a brand you know so well, can look different, or similar in another country/language.  Check out photos of familiar brands below!

I think the biggest surprise from this photo is how small that Walmart looks….


Bubba Gump Shrimp- Thank goodness times 2!

I’d like to buy the world a coke….la de da da da da da…

I wonder what kind of flavors their Slurpees come in. hm, Szechuan?

How many brands do you recognize?


Have you ever wondered who you were playing on Xbox Live? Might be someone pictured here!

Life with out Slurpees, Starbucks and of course Micky- could be a disaster!

YAY! One of our favorite clients- Wow Wee Paper Jamz!

Bussiness Trip to China- so much to Share!

Mike, Francis and Jake

Mike Eckert and our client, Jake, headed to China last month to see our factory and check on progress.  Francis Fong, our general manager in China, was kind enough to show them around.  It’s wasn’t all work, they got to experience some great places in China as well. Check out the photos!

Yum! Lunch.

Do you think we could help these guys with some displays?

Maybe Francis can start modeling for us too!

The next post we will take a look at some familiar brands Mike and Jake came across.  Pretty neat!

3D TV- in real life!

This year we worked on a great project for LG that went into Best Buy stores.  It involved new technology for home televisions.  Who knew getting internet on your TV or watching 3D at home would ever be so easy!? This past weekend I took one of my friends to Best Buy to test out the 3D technology for himself.  He was a bit of a skeptic in the beginning.  After witnessing the large “potato head cod” swimming straight towards him, he was sold!

Well, also sold on the idea that he needed to go fishing soon. 

Check it out for yourself next time you make it to a Best Buy- the display looks great and the 3D is amazing!