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CES 2011

Considering 140,000 people attended CES this year, it doesn’t always sound “special” saying that you went to CES.  Well, to other people it might not be special but I was pretty pumped to go! When I come across others who were in attendance the first words out of my mouth are “Wasn’t it amazing!?”

Maybe because I’m a rookie at the show, but to me,  the CES show somehow out-shown the rest of the Las Vegas Strip.  Talk about pulling out the big guns. Every booth I came across was HUGE, decorated to the nines and  Lady Gaga even showed up!  One thing that really impressed me was that so many brands created a memorable booth and didn’t just focus on the product they were showing.  Half the time I was in awe and examining their booths and displays rather than their product. Coming from our company that probably doesn’t surprise many people, but I noticed a few others doing the same thing!  Take for instance the Motorola booth- I honestly think my mouth was wide open the whole time I was in it.  They had a wall of lights that were made up of tiny flat LED lights, which enclosed the booth.  That got me so excited to see what else they had.  Just goes to show what an amazing booth, ahem or display, can do for a brand.

Motorola's booth with the LED wall, I believe the lights were fading in and out. It was pretty much awesome.

Take a look at some of the photos I snapped.  Unfortunately I took them on my phone so some came out bad.  I guess I should have done a little more research on phones with good cameras while I was there!

LG was the first booth I walked into and still my favorite. It was PACKED in the beginning. Probably because of their new Cinema 3D technology- so fun! We'll share more on that later.

I couldn't leave this one out. The horrible line. I know, I know expected when there are 140,000 in attendance- but seriously this was a MESS. Luckily I was with my crafty co- worker Mary Beth- got us to the front of the line!

Booths and lines aside, it was very exciting to see the new technology coming out.  I was like a kid in a candy store- what to choose, what to buy next!  Seems that tablets are going to explode this year, 3D is not going away only getting better and by 2015 everyone will have a flying car. Kidding, that’s just wishful thinking.

Dance Dance!

Mike and I with our results.

“You-me- dance off 3pm sharp”

That’s how my day started.  Any other circumstance, I would have rolled my eyes, laughed it off, or just smoked whoever was requesting the dance off.  This was different though,  this time it was my boss.

First off- no, I do not normally get challenged to “dance offs”.  Who does really?  I heard once that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake had a dance off in a club soon after they had broken up.  I wonder who won that battle!  “I got the winner!” ha yeah right.  Our office dance off was a little bit more amateur.  Maybe if we practice we’ll dance like Britney and Justin one day… Without all the you broke my heart and cheated on me tension of course.

Two Predictions:

1. Dance offs will gain popularity due to the awesome game Dance Central.

2. Mike and Katie will never be able to dance like Britney and Justin.