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Two Silvers!? I think that deserves a high five!

Yay we won! High five!

I purposely waited until today to post about our winnings at the POPAI OMA awards because it’s National High Five Day.  For real! Really- it has nothing to do with the fact that I am just a little behind on blogging….

Let’s get on with it!  Last month at the POPAI OMA awards show we were very proud and excited to receive TWO silver awards.  One for the Old Navy Dance Central kiosk and one for the LG Best Buy Tech Stage Display, both shown below.

This display was in stores for only 3 days! I personally wish I could have one in my house, think of the parties!

This display has been updated with new products and graphics- head to your local Best Buy to check it out!

The Design of the Times are coming up next.  Keep your fingers crossed!


Xbox 360 Kinect

Have you ever heard stories about world leaders or savvy business men screwing things up by saying the wrong thing in another language?  Or  a simple gesture that seems innocent in the US but offensive to other cultures?  When we are shipping displays into areas that we know little about, there are always a few jokes about what would happen if the graphics weren’t conveying the write message, or were blatantly offensive because the word was spelled with one letter off. However this time around, we were pretty confident the message would be clear- move in front of the TV and you will have fun!  Check out these photos take of the pop up display we produced for Microsoft, taken in Russia!

Check out that coat!

This past year we helped Microsoft launch their new Kinect for Xbox360 – it flew off the shelves!  It holds the Guinness World record as the fastest selling consumer electronics device, selling an average of 133,333 units per day for the first 60 days.  The in-store experience was key in driving these sales.