Monthly Archives: June 2011

Home on the Range: Design Phase rolls out its newest display

The long, flourishing rows of corn and beans appear to be taking well to the new fertilizer

Summer (and warm weather) are finally here! And with summer comes the annual Design Phase farm.  This year’s edition looks particularly promising as the vegetables are already lush due to the abundant rain we’ve received and the hard work put in by our dedicated employees.  Staple crops such as corn, beans, tomatoes, zucchini, and peppers return for another year, while new comer spaghetti squash promises to add flavor to the mix.  Speaking of added flavor, tasty herbs like basil and rosemary are also sprouting up on the farm.  Lastly, the fan favorite pumpkins made a return to the farm this year.  Coming off a rough season last year, this year’s pumpkins promise to yield a better return (hopefully.)  And remember, the winner of the pumpkin contest gets to go out to lunch with the boss himself! Future barbeques promise to be delicious when this year’s harvest comes in!

The Pumpkins appear to be sprouting...well some of them at least

Looks like some salad is coming our way with that leafy lettuce growing in nicely