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Happy Cinco (or Ocho) De Mayo!!

We at Design Phase like any excuse for a party so we hosted our first annual Cinco De Mayo celebration.  But, since we like to be original, we had the party on Friday (since Fridays are more fun) and called it Ocho De Mayo.  Next year watch out for Seis De Mayo!


Check out the spread.  Everyone enjoyed the buffet provided by On the Border.  So much food!!


 Silliness with sombreros and mustaches…..what could be better?






Building a Creative Culture: Why Environment Is Important

By Mike Eckert 


Once perceived as cardboard displays and signage, Point-Of-Purchase has gone through a creative transformation. The industry now incorporates all of the latest technology and design, playing an integral role in creating an engaging “shopping experience.”

An important step in this change has been the emphasis on building a culture of creativity and innovation, in an environment where employees can do their best work.

Very often we have clients come to the office to view our facilities and operations or review on-going projects, and they get to experience how our environment is a big part of the work we produce. It’s a reflection of who we are and how we operate.

When our employees come to work, I want them to feel a surge of energy from our space with its bright colors, sleek design, and natural lighting. The building’s open floor plan, from the central gathering area to our sitting lounge, creates opportunities to interact and collaborate. Every day you will find new displays being designed and manufactured, interactive meetings with our clients on full screen monitors, and new products being tested with the latest technology.

Our company tagline, Making Retail Fun, is a central theme in the display programs we create. Our goal is to develop display programs that enhance the retail shopping experience for consumers.


Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 4.18.15 PM

With a blend of creative design, innovative engineering that takes advantage of today’s technology, and manufacturing that incorporates the latest materials, Design Phase embodies a culture that produces display programs that have won four Display of the Year Awards from both leading trade associations, POPAI and Path To Purchase Institute.

Our employees are our most important asset and giving them an environment where they can prosper and feel comfortable to do their best work is just one part of nurturing our culture.

The point-of-purchase industry has become an exciting and dynamic component of today’s marketing programs and in order to respond to the marketplace, point-of-purchase companies are responding with innovation and creativity.

To get a better idea watch the video on Making Retail Fun at

Mike Eckert is President of Design Phase Inc., a leader in the point-of-purchase industry. With over 30 years in the industry, Design Phase’s innovative displays for some of the world’s largest brands including Microsoft, LG Electronics, Disney, and Bose have won a multitude of awards, including Display of the Year four times.