Monthly Archives: June 2015

2015 Design Phase Garden Planting Party

Each spring, Design Phase employees plant a garden on our property and we do all the work ourselves. The largest section of the garden is corn & beans.  The last several years we’ve had little success with the beans.  However, this year, we put a little added pressure on ourselves to having a GREAT crop, since we will be donating our excess produce to a local charity.  Our second largest crop will be watermelon and pumpkins and they are already starting to take off.  There is a tomato garden that contains Cherry, Beef Steak and Roma tomatoes.  One favorite area is the herbs where we planted dill, parsley, rosemary, thyme, oregano and sage.  Another favorite section is the zucchini and squash. Last year, a few of us made zucchini bread and muffins to share.  Planted in our lettuce garden is Swiss chard, spinach, leaf and this year we added cauliflower…that already looks GREAT!  Can’t forget the potatoes with radishes, onions & chives.