When the April/May edition of Creative Magazine hit the shelves this spring, four varying displays graced the cover.  The displays ranged from small to apartment sized (we’re looking at you, Colgate), but one display looked neither too big nor too small.  The sleek, eye catching entry in the bottom right hand corner screamed brilliance.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this display is in fact the LG Tech Stage.  While Design Phase nabbed a spot on the cover, it’s presence in the magazine was far from through.  Later, Design Phase has a full page ad featuring the Kinect game system and the Kinect Experience area.  As one delves deeper into the magazine, a Design Phase display pops up one last time when the LG Tech Stage is highlighted again.  This time it carries a nice paragraph to describe the beauty of the display.  The company was clearly getting some love from the magazine, and one can only expect that the love will keep on coming.  Finally, on one of the last pages of the magazine, Design Phase is named one of the top 50 P.O.P companies in the United States….again.  Though Design Phase has received this honor on multiple occasions, the award is still special as it reveals the company’s continued pursuit of excellence.