The Point Of Purchase Industry Is Now a Tech Industry



By Katie McKillip-Von Feldt

It used to be when we thought about tech companies, Microsoft, Apple and Google often came to mind. But in our digitalized world today, almost every company is a tech company. The POP industry is ripe to take advantage of the advancements in technology especially as the retail landscape changes and engaging customers plays an integral role in the new “shopping experience”.

The integration of technology in the point-of-purchase industry began slowly years ago when LED lighting, touch screens, and monitors eventually became standard to engage customers at the point-of-sale. Most of the components were engineered and carefully placed within the display unit, out of the sight of consumers.

Now the industry is integrating technology at light speed, manufacturing displays that not only attract consumers’ attention but also give them the ability to interact with products like never before.

In addition, technology offers marketers direct feedback on the type of interaction consumers are having with the product. Design Phase’s most recent work for LG Electronics OLED and Super UHD TV’s gave LG direct feedback on which TV monitors were being sampled at the point-of-sale.

View the case study here.


Our recent work for LG Electronics Home Appliances, which premiered at this year’s CES, takes it a step further. To reflect the “technology and applications” of the LG product line, Design Phase created and produced a 25 ft. by 10 ft. by 4 ft. LG experience wall which featured the most recent LG OLED TV and Soundbar, Smart Refrigerator, Range, Dishwasher, Washing Machine and Home Bot Vacuum.

The display featured 2 touch screens for further product information and, which featured a dynamic video presentation. But the driving force behind the display was to showcase LG’s smart home initiative, which adds artificial intelligence to all of its smart appliances that can now be controlled by voice commands.


The LG ThinQ technology platform can also be integrated along with the Google Home or Amazon Echo. The display gave shoppers the ability to use the voice activation system and manage the appliances while in the store.

As clients and their products become more tech oriented and we enter a new age where technology begins playing a larger role in our “futuristic lifestyles”, now is the time for point-of-purchase displays to help retail embrace the new paradigm.

Katie McKillip-Von Feldt is National Account Manager at Design Phase Inc., a leader in the point-of-purchase industry and has served on numerous judging committees for POPAI and Path To Purchase.   With over 30 years in the industry, Design Phase’s innovative displays for some of the world’s largest brands including Microsoft, LG Electronics, Disney, and Bose have won a multitude of awards, including Display of the Year five times. Katie can be contacted at